Blizzard dévoile la prochaine carte et le prochain héros aux couleurs de Diablo 3

Lors du live de la soirée du 6 juin Blizzard a dévoilé le prochain contenu majeur en montrant un aperçu de la nouvelle carte Champ de Bataille de l'Eternité et le nouveau héros le Boucher.

Présentation de la nouvelle carte: Champ de bataille de l'Éternité

+ Divider Heaven +
Carte champ de bataille de l'eternité
- Divider Heaven -

Les caractéristiques de la carte:

  • Deux lanes avec un mécanisme de teamfight pour celle du milieu.
  • Deux créatures «Les Immortels» se battent l'un contre l'autre. Chaque camp possède le sien, il vous faudra donc lui venir en aide pour qu'il puisse vous rejoindre sur une lane afin de push.
  • Les camps de sièges sont au nord et au sud de la carte, les deux camps bruisers au milieu.
  • L'objectif a un repop fixe de 1min45. Il arrive en début de partie à 1min45 aussi.
  • Un nouveau monstre spécifique fait son appartion: Le shaman. Il ressuscite ses créatures jusqu'à sa mort.
Base Blue - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité
Base Blue - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité
Base Red - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité
Base Red - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité

Bordure Rouge

Immortel Angélique - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité
Immortel Angélique - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité
Immortel Démoniaque - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité
Immortel Démoniaque - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité

Bordure Rouge

Statue Angélique - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité
Statue Angélique - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité
Statue Démoniaque - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité
Statue Démoniaque - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité

Bordure Rouge

Nouvelle Monture - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité
Nouvelle Monture - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité
Camp du Shaman - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité
Camp du Shaman - Champ de Bataille de l'éternité

Bordure Rouge


Loading Screen
Loading Screen
Eternal Conflict
Eternal Conflict

Vidéos du nouveau Champ de Bataille

Présentation de la carte: lien

Combat entre les Immortels: lien


Présentation du nouveau héros: Le Boucher

Trait 45x45
Passif: Augmente ses dégâts en ramassant des objets au sol qui tombe quand il tue quelqu'un. 1 par minion et 3 par perso, il faut le last hit. Chaque loot donne 1% de dégats aux attaques de base en plus. Si il meurt, il perd tous ses stacks, comme un gathering power. Max bonus = 25%.
Hamstring 45x45
Hamstring (A): Votre arme frappe le sol. Inflige 40 points de dégâts et ralentisser les ennemis de 50%. Dure 2 secondes.
Butcher's Brand 45x45
Butcher's Brand (Z): Inflige des dégats à une cible et rend au Boucher 75% des dégâts qu'il inflige à la cible pendant 5 secondes. Soins doublés contre les héros.
Ruthless Onslaught 45x45
Ruthless Onslaughter (E): Charge un ennemi en devenant instoppable et en gagnant de la vitesse de déplacement. Si vous atteignez votre cible, vous infligez 100 points de dégâts et un stun de 1seconde.
Lamb of the Slaughter 45x45
Lamb to the Slaughter (R): Pose un pilier sur le sol et après une seconde d'activation, inflige 75 points de dégâts et retient l'ennemi qui se trouve dans la zone. Dure 4 secondes.
Furnace Blast 45x45
Furnace Blast (R): Après 3 secondes de cast, explose le sol autour de vous et inflige 685 points de dégâts.

Vidéo du nouveau héros

 Présentation des capacités du Boucher: lien


Alan Dabiri, Samwise Didier et Kaeo Millier


  • 3 to 4 week New Hero cycles after release (ideally).
  • Big influx of new players with Open Beta and potentially Release. Lots of players like to wait for the "final game".
  • Unique heroes (Murky, Abathur, Lost Vikings) are quite popular despite their different design.
  • Gold Gain is in a good place - will keep monitoring feedback on that.
  • Heroes was originally a mod, so at first they were trying to stablish its own world first.
  • Now that they have 7 maps, they feel it's time to revisit their original franchises' worlds - hence the Diablo Themed Event.
  • They are ok with releasing a hero and have the community and pro-players show their potential.
  • Tendency to always have everything perfectly tuned before it's out - doesn't work too well in this genre. It's ok to release it and adapt to what happens.
  • Players will always find issues the devs could not find internally. Work with them to always balance and tweak the game.
  • Glad to not have to hold the game for 7 years until it's perfect and shiny, and rather work with the community!
Bordure Bleu

Hero League

  • Lots of feedback to sort heroes by role on Hero League - also on their wishlist.
  • MMR likely won't be revealed - does not mean much > arbitrary number that loses some significance cross region. Would rather have their Ranking System represent that, rather than a number!
  • Flaws with the current Ranking System are acknowledged - they're thinking of ways to improve it. Like Placement Matches.
Bordure Bleu


  • Rotating Battlegrounds out of the pool - maybe in the future when they have more. If everyone greatly dislikes a map, they may just remove it entirely.
  • Recently made a change so players don't get the same Batleground multiple times in a row - to improve map rotation.
  • No Battleground blacklist option planned currently - maybe in the future.
  • Immortal design for Battlefield of Eternity was meant to be unique and new!
  • Hell vs Heaven map will be repurposed at least once - new mechanics and looks, but different layout.
  • They could have an Elwynn Forest map turn to Felwood or Plaguelands.
  • Missing map art and assets on the hands-on was because Battlefield of Eternity has two tilesets. Also no Easter Eggs in yet - but will be included.
  • Battlefield of Eternity on PTR June 23rd - hopefully launch at June 30th!
  • Map Editor something they really want to do, since the genre was born from it - still not actively working on it, but they'll get there.
Bordure Bleu

User Interface

  • Buff and debuff tracking was on old and incomplete UI element - will be brought back improved.
  • More hero specific UIs (like Thrall's), above the character's portrait.
  • Jump to Last Ping hotkey being considered - not difficult to be added.
  • Death Recap is on their long list of "to-do" things.
  • UI editing might have issues with their Terms of Service - but they're listening to feedback.
Bordure Bleu

Heroes and Skins

  • Gifting Skin/Heroes to Friends is something they want, but takes a focused effort from them - gotta take into account the technical difficulties and potential fraud situations.
  • Bundle improvements - not sure if they want to give a discount, credit or keys for previously owned heroes. But definitely want to incentivize people purchasing bundles! More info soon!
  • On old school Diablo and Starcraft character skins - they really want to add those iconic characters, but it's much harder artistically! Very simple visually back then, and can't be "ported" as easily!
  • With Alternate Reality skins there may be some overlapping on sillhouettes and themes. They try to keep it as unique as possible.
  • No boundaries on what they can make as skins - Bikini Stitches. For "funny" characters it's ok to have more funny skins, for others they prefer "serious" skins - with maybe at least one funny skin.
  • Developing Heroes has a sequence - dev team decides the role they need > art and design team discuss it. Or they start from an iconic character they want in the game!
  • Hero making process has been so optimized they can schedule it out pretty well (up to 8 months ahead).
Bordure Bleu


  • Lots of removed or changed talents in the hands-on version of the game!
  • Talents are never final - they're constantly tweaking and working on them!
Bordure Bleu

Player Toxicity

  • Quite concerned about Player Toxicity. Don't want your team to become your enemy instead of your allies!
  • Some mechanic designs are made specifically to improve that - Ping System (already quite robust, but they know there's room for improvement); Mute All.
  • Reports do work for toxicity! There's a Customer Support team always analyzing those.
  • Maybe they can match toxic players with other toxic players similar to what they do with Leavers/AFKers.
  • Internally discussing a system where players rate other players!
Note: C'est en cours de traduction, pas taper !
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